What is the difference between internal and external clients?

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The distinction between internal and external clients is as follows:

External Clients: This is where you will directly interact with your clients. Your team invites the client into a collaborative space where open communication is key. Here, you can converse with the client, assign them tasks, and share relevant links, documents, or any material pertinent to their case. This setup allows the client to have access to certain aspects of your business, hence it's considered 'external'.

Internal Clients: This is a more private workspace, designated for you and your team to focus on a client's needs without the client observing every step. It's ideal when you want your team, contractors, or virtual assistants to work on a project discreetly. In this space, your team can communicate, share files, and manage day-to-day operations essential for the client's project.

Additionally, it's important to recognize that some businesses may opt for a unified approach, without distinguishing between internal and external clients. In such cases, there's only one type of client space where direct and continuous interaction with the client occurs. This model suits smaller teams or those who prefer not to segment client engagement into internal and external categories.

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